Artist & Craftsman


Thread. Needle. Leather. Plaster. Resin. Chainmail. Imagination.
Occasionally NSFW.

Unique, handcrafted works

Whether the object in question is an embroidered laptop case, a teddy bear, or a chainmail suit, everything Josephtailor-made is unique. No two necklaces or bags are identical. When you purchase anything I’ve made, a dice bag or a long cloak, you don’t only know there has never been one just like it before – there won’t be one in the future either.

Some of Josephtailor clothing (cloaks, capes, chainmail, leather, masks, etc.) is available for rent for events and photo sessions.

Got an idea?

Get in touch if you need something even more personal, whether it's a bag or a cloak. Together we'll decide whether your request can be fulfilled, and if yes, how to go best about it.